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Online Reputation Management Tool

ORM Tools or Online Reputation Management tools are the basis of Social Monitoring and Social Listening. SEO WEB ANALYST®™ web mention application is a well tailored application created for businesses and bloggers alike to track and monitor latest trends around a trending topic, to get a brand or topic sentiment analysis based on engagements and opinions online. The platform helps to track busineses online reputation for negative mentions on supported platforms, by providing real time mentions of customers or prospects opinion on a brand or subject. You will be able to locate trending roots and influencers attached to your brand or subject online. Rebut easily negative comments about your brand, product or services online with the web mention tool.

Track Social Sentiment Analysis – MONITORING vs LISTENING

The difference between Social Monitoring and Listening is simply in their definition, while Social Monitoring is built for track and monitoring your brands mention online for better Online Reputation Management. Social Listening is built for collating this data and providing data analysis insights on sentiments about your brand and defining your popularity index or strenght with viral potential or passion of your brand online.


Improve your digital marketing proficiency with different web marketing tool automations. Beside SEO analysis, autopilot your social media marketing with AI content creation and posting, utilize content creation via blogging and Social mentions with much more digital marketing tools to aid you build a result driven marketing strategy for your business that is gaurantee to improve results.
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Every brand should consider the path of monitoring and listening to their audience online inorder to be able to follow the latest trend and be able to communicate with them in their target audience languages. This is the first rule of engagment that most businesses fail to accomplish when trying to hard sell their product or service, because they fail to listen to what their target audience want and need. The web mention tool can assist SMEs to achieve this, by tracking and listening to every related post online that are pertinent to your searched queries and present to you a detailed data anlysis of your social sentiment score. This will help you to control your online reputation by interacting with the content source or influencers behind the trend, either negative or positive reviews or opinions, the application will pull them in real-time and provide an analysis of the data for you to execute customer service and build customer relation too, while working around damage control on your online brand awareness.

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Online marketing is as diverse and unique as you, it's a revolving process, you can easily execute with SEO WEB ANALYST®™. Your clients and their sites are unique, and your web marketing software should be too. Our web marketing tool offer consistent result driven process, that ensure we’re providing exceptional success rate for businesses. The software is a custom web marketing tool solution specifically developed to reduce online marketing budget and increase ROI. Our conversion Lead Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO Marketing Tools makes SEO WEB ANALYST®™ one of the best Digital Marketing Tool for SMEs.

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All these features, together with our first class customer support, make SEO WEB ANALYST®™ the web marketing tool of choice.
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