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Two Way Content Syndication Tool

Content syndication is a form of media distribution in which content is published from one web platform to other sites. Most commonly, this system adhere to press release media outlets, and now carries weight in the distribution of blog contents to promote visibility and awareness on search engines and social media sites alike. Similar to the traditional method of content syndication, SEO WEB ANALYST®™ Blog Curator tool executes content syndication on a two way method of distribution for optimized content marketing results. Blog curator acts like a coporate blogging tool, we provide the tools to help improve your content writing for maximum visibility and awarness, hence distributing these contents on social media via rss feeds aggregator to promote social traffic to your published content online.

Content Marketing Optimization – VISIBILITY & AWARENESS

How would you like to always see your fresh content constantly ranking for searched focused keywords on the first page of search engines? Easier said than done, probably what you be thinking through the question. But this is not a guessing game, our content marketing tool can actually assist you in writing contents that search engines and readers love and would rank, these are not random keywords or assumed keywords or AI generated contents around your niche, they are recommended searched queries that are LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. We provide a top ten Google results for your topics to help you import the URL content as a ready made ranking content template you can improve on to simulate the same content with the use of our (focused keywords) Tag analyzer, keyword density, readability score and content analyzer all designed to aid you to write a better content that will surely rank and gain visibilities on search engines.
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Improve your digital marketing proficiency with different web marketing tool automations. Beside SEO analysis, autopilot your social media marketing with AI content creation and posting, utilize content creation via blogging and Social mentions with much more digital marketing tools to aid you build a result driven marketing strategy for your business that is gaurantee to improve results.
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With built in features to help you post premium unique content in a much more readable format, and tools to prevent writers block eg the social mention, Google recommendation, Rss aggregator of your most popular article platforms, you can import their content and repurposed them to avoid duplicate and plagarism issues eg DMCA take downs with imported URL contents, which are refurblished prior publishing for content syndication and see how your content gets social shares with ease.
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The Only Web Marketing Tool You Will Ever Need

Online marketing is as diverse and unique as you, it's a revolving process, you can easily execute with SEO WEB ANALYST®™. Your clients and their sites are unique, and your web marketing software should be too. Our web marketing tool offer consistent result driven process, that ensure we’re providing exceptional success rate for businesses. The software is a custom web marketing tool solution specifically developed to reduce online marketing budget and increase ROI. Our conversion Lead Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO Marketing Tools makes SEO WEB ANALYST®™ one of the best Digital Marketing Tool for SMEs.

A Powerhouse Solution for Agencies and In-House Digital Marketing Professionals

All these features, together with our first class customer support, make SEO WEB ANALYST®™ the web marketing tool of choice.
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