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Track Broken Links & Backlinks

SEO WEB ANALYST®™'s Broken Link Checker can assist you to track embarrasing 404 errors on your website, with the capacity to scan through a million pages. Broken links are not warranted and most are unexpected, with our tool you get alerts when we spot broken links and while we do that our tool also check for your backlink URLs that you build to your website for off-page optimization, analysis their potency and alerting you when you lose them, we give a snippet of your link velocity aka link stability over time from our sources and from your input sources as well.

Link Building Tools – TRACK & MONITOR LIKE A PRO

Want to know the secret of maintaining a ranking position on search engines? Simple- You monitor your link building strategy, and no better tool can ascertain this for you than our tools, helping you check for broken links and monitor your backlink buildup via our backlink checker you are more than ever prepared to maintain that newly keyword ranking you now rank for on search engines. We will provide you a monthly snippet of your back link strategy showing you your link velocity and you also get the type of links they are with the anchor keyword text they are optimized for. So, are you ready to claim your position on search engines? Let's do it together, we will be your guide by tracking, monitoring and checking for new validated backlinks and broke links to your website.
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Improve your digital marketing proficiency with different web marketing tool automations. Beside SEO analysis, rank and visibility score, you can gain more insights from our in built Web Analytics (traffic), Sessions (visits), Heatmaps, Conversion Tools, Blog curator (content marketing), Social media mentions and much more to build a result driven marketing strategy for your business that is guarantee to improve results.
Broken Link Checker


Let our backlink monitoring tool track URLs on your web pages, the features capability can track broken css, images, links, etc both internal and external links. 404 error pages are more devastating in SEO journey and are of no respecter of any website, they do occur when there is a change in protocols, or website transfer, could be a new .htaccess rewrite rule, what ever may lead to a broekn link, be rest assure our broken link checker will find the link tagged broken and alert you by email for quick resolve.
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Online marketing is as diverse and unique as you, it's a revolving process, you can easily execute with SEO WEB ANALYST®™. Your clients and their sites are unique, and your web marketing software should be too. Our web marketing tool offer consistent result driven process, that ensure we’re providing exceptional success rate for businesses. The software is a custom web marketing tool solution specifically developed to reduce online marketing budget and increase ROI. Our conversion Lead Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO Marketing Tools makes SEO WEB ANALYST®™ one of the best Digital Marketing Tool for SMEs.

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All these features, together with our first class customer support, make SEO WEB ANALYST®™ the web marketing tool of choice.
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