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Online Marketing Strategies Olatunji Adetunji

Olatunji Adetunji

SEO Checklist For Blog Posts (SEO Checklist Template)


SEO Checklist For Blog Posts (SEO Checklist Template). In my article, you will learn how to write an SEO-friendly blog post for SEO ranking on search engines, this is my complete guide to SEO CHECKLIST for Blog, WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. The content in this blog post is the best to my knowledge and the most practical SEO guideline I myself have relied on over the years and a rule of thumb in creating SEO friendly blogs that easily rank for fresh content on search engines alongside a few of my focus keywords (ready-made SEO ranking). If you follow the checklist provided below you will... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Web Page Speed Optimization Using SEO Web Analyst (CASE STUDY)


This post concludes the final chapter on the topic "WEBPAGE SPEED", believe me, I have done all I could to cover this topic extensively in my previous post on the same topic, describing the steps to increase your webpage speed or loading. Not to be a bad sport have taken up the privilege to execute the same steps on our site "SEO WEB ANALYST" in other to see how good our articles were on the topic. Allow me to present to you image results from the four most popular web page speed optimization tools showing our before web page speed optimization... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

How to Optimize webpage speed performance


STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE PAGE SPEED CHAPTER 3 This step is highly important as it entails optimizing webpage speed performance techniques. You will need to get most work done on your server-side to make this chapter work for you. You need to set your server cache on (contact your host for this). You need to increase your server speed (contact your host for this). You need to set up your gzip via your Cpanel, this will let you compress all output files from your server. Log into your Cpanel and go to software and services and click on optimize the website, next you select the... Read