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Online Marketing Strategies Olatunji Adetunji

Olatunji Adetunji

Getting Started With Adsense


Getting Started With Adsense. If you are brand new to Adsense, I suggest spending some time reviewing the Adsense Support pages as well as their online Glossary. Both of these areas provide extensive information on what Google Adsense is all about, as well as how to register your account and get things started. This post doesn't cover the basic start up information, and assumes that you have a working Adsense sign up account, and a website in which to publish your ads. Recommended: Read our previous post How To Make Money With Adsense [Link opens in new window] Google... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Search Engine Marketing: SEO VS PPC - Which is better


Search Engine Marketing: SEO VS PPC - Which is better? Have got the same buzz question from some clients of mine on this subject matter...asking is SEO better to do than PPC? What is SEO? what is the ROI value? is it measurable? can we run both SEO and PPC campaigns? this and so much more are vast questions that am sure some of you out there are also keen to know and understand. I will try my best to encapsulate all your questions and further questions with answers driven in this post, I do hope you all find this information quite useful. Frankly both SEO vs PPC marketing post... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Social Media Marketing vs Search Engine Marketing


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING or SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING? There are various means to get online awareness and visibility for your business services online and there are two major king of the bout in these mediums of online reach. Both Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing are the two most sorted out contenders for this, and personally I will say the combination of the two should just do the job. But most people do not have the time and energy nor the money to invest in all the mediums of social media marketing and search engine marketing, hence, the question on which... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Facebook vs YouTube Video Marketing


Facebook vs YouTube Video Marketing. In today's digital marketing world, video marketing has become so relevant in social media marketing that most social media giant sites are now jumping into the band wagon. Starting from the success rate Facebook is getting from the introduction, It didn’t take long for Instagram (now owned by Facebook) to launch a video product after the emergence and quick success of Vine (now owned by Twitter), even Twitter has launch their video upload in post and ads stream and not to forget Yahoo!. But for a while now, their have been trending... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Digital Marketing in Nigeria


Digital Marketing in Nigeria. INTERNET MARKETING IN NIGERIA OBJECTIVES. Internet marketing is part and parcel of marketing in the 21st century, it has gain optimum recognition over a decade since it’s introduction into the marketing system, with search engine marketing coming in with a major breakthrough in this industry and then followed by social media marketing, this two giants of online marketing services have grown to become a formidable two side of the coin. They both have made breakthroughs for other forms of marketing to spring up like subsidiaries form of marketing,... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

10 (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Strategies For Marketing


When seeking a seo company to help you rank your website for related keywords in your business niche, there are some useful insight you as the client need to get familiar with. This terms and work out are briefly explained below, understanding what each terminology stands for will also help you have a quick understanding to what your seo specialist or seo firm is describing as your project seo work. Typically we have two methods of SEO (search engine optimization); which is an act of optimizing a webpage/website url to come up on search engines for pertinent keywords related to that web page/... Read