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Online Marketing Strategies Olatunji Adetunji

Olatunji Adetunji

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Business


Facebook Marketing Strategy For Business. Facebook Marketing is a must do for most business and I will be touching the in depths of how you can effectively utilize Facebook Marketing for business via some sound marketing strategy using Facebook marketing tools. There are some less expensive approaches to use when driving in more visibility for your small business on Facebook, and one of the most important factors of your small business page success will be the growth of your Facebook likes. The more Likes you have on your Facebook page the more viewership or... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

How To Advertise on Facebook For Free


How To Advertise on Facebook For Free. Since the boom of Facebook over a decade now, social media marketing as picked up the pace of becoming a valuable tool in online marketing for reach and visibility, this is why Facebook marketer from far and near are exploiting organic reach on Facebook marketing to advertise on Facebook for free. Free Facebook advertising relies on your post reach and engagement, with out this your post of 2014 still will not be in circulation, and imagine the number of people that would have seen it till date. You cannot compare a good viral marketing... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

3 Free Facebook Fan Page Marketing Tools


3 FREE Facebook Fan page Marketing Tools. Facebook Fan Page is one of the most utilized web marketing mediums for social media marketers, apart from the recent changes that have now begot Facebook. We now have some features mostly found on social media marketing platforms available on Facebook fan pages, if you own  a Facebook fan page you must have notice some of this recent changes. This FREE Facebook Fan page Marketing Tools are built to help brands and social media managers/marketers get the best out of their social media Fan Page Campaign, kind of an emphasis on marketing... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Why Bulk Automatic Facebook Group Poster is SPAM [Facebook Marketing Strategy].


Its over a decade now since Facebook was founded back on February 4 2004, and since then it has grown to become the mammoth of all things social on the internet, it has a search engine function with Bing, a directory, a video, a gaming, an app, pictures, polls even shopping! Truly it deserves the magnitude of traffic it gains everyday with 500 million active users and 100 billion hits per day making Facebook Marketing strategy a must for most businesses online. This has set a change in the way individuals and corporate organizations perceive social media sites, as one of the major medium... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Facebook Marketing for small business


There are several means and approach to utilizing facebook for your small business, but one of the most annoying approach is to assume that all businesses are best on FACEBOOK. There has been some related talks on Facebook Marketing for small business and the kind of businesses that performs best on facebook advertisng and I must agree with this notion that not all busineses are suitable for FACEBOOK advertising. Now picture the facebook marketing approach, they tend to allow you to filter what or who your potential prospects might be on their social platform, hence they provide... Read