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Online Marketing Strategies Olatunji Adetunji

Olatunji Adetunji

Exact Match Keywords Ranking (SEO)


Exact Match Keywords When it comes to ranking for SEO keywords their are several methods an SEO Web Analyst can utilize and one of them is considered low-hanging fruit in the SEO community. But I beg to differ with this tactic, as we are going to observe and see how the exact match keywords technique can actually be used naturally with precise SERP targetting. On a norm, every content creator such as myself that enjoys blogging and writing articles will only love to reap the reward of such effort when their quality, well spent timed, articulated post get's the viewership it deserves from... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

keyword Difficulty Score Meaning


What is Keyword Difficulty Score (Index) In SEO? This is one of the most conscious statements by any new SEO beginner because prior considering the factors of ranking a keyword on search engine top 10 list, you need to know the difficulty of actually ranking for the same keyword, you need the competitiveness index or score to guide you as you work on your KPIs (Key Performing Index) in achieving your goals of ranking your keyword on Google first page.   There are online tools that can help you to automate the process of calculating the keyword difficulty score of a given... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

How To Evaluate SEO Effectiveness


How To Evaluate SEO Effectiveness. Is SEO meant for you? Seriously is Search Engine Optimization the right path to go for your business?...If you are not in the business of having patient or perseverance, then I think SEO may not be suitable. There are many reasons you might want to get SEO for your website, but the most notable ones are for sales and brand awareness, both are all based on traffic. Now if you value SEO then you know its something that does not give instant results but rather you build momentum traffic from it, and judging from the fact that 80% of search... Read